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Academic papers

This is a (non-exhaustive) list of academic papers that discuss the Method of Equal Shares.

  • Proportional Participatory Budgeting with Additive Utilities. Dominik Peters, Grzegorz Pierczyński, and Piotr Skowron. Published at the NeurIPS 2021 conference. PDF (Updated October 2022).

  • Proportionality in Approval-Based Participatory Budgeting. Markus Brill, Stefan Forster, Martin Lackner, Jan Maly, and Jannik Peters. Published at the AAAI 2023 conference. PDF.

  • Robust and Verifiable Proportionality Axioms for Multiwinner Voting. Markus Brill and Jannik Peters. PDF

  • Participatory Budgeting Design for the Real World. Roy Fairstein, Gerdus Benadè, and Kobi Gal. Published at the AAAI 2023 conference. PDF (10 MB).

  • Proportional Budget Allocations: Towards a Systematization. Maaike Los, Zoé Christoff, and Davide Grossi. Published at the IJCAI 2022 conference. PDF.



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